Gc9a01 driver

hello i’m on the same problem its been one month and i really need help ive tried make a driver in c++ for a 1.28 inch round display from waveshare but not matter what i do nothing work to make sure the screen was ok i tested it on a esp32 and everything work fine. ive compile the krnel then added it on the device tree on extlinux and then a simple python code to make the screen red but nothing. hope someone can help me :)


Just to confirm. What kind of interface is in use to jetson for this display?

What I don’t understand is display shall not need extra driver on jetson nano if it is a native DP or HDMI one.

The rest of interface is not supported by default and may need other users to share their experience.

Hello thank you for you’re answer the display use spi protocol and I connect the display to nano via gpio pin

Sorry that spi display is not direct NV support item.

I can only share some resources shared by other active users.

Thanks @WayneWWW I’ve tried to based myself on this in the past but I’m a beginner in programmation so I need help coding and finding info in the datasheet so I can modify the code but thanks for the help and the answer you gave me it’s appreciated:)

@WayneWWW Is there a type of adapter that I can use to connect the pin out of the display to hdmi ???

here is a a file with the initialisation sequence the scan direction and other information but for a 1.5 screen the files was given to me by the manufacture but they could not access spi for a reason i used sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/jetson-io.py to enable spi but i dont know how to modify the code to make the screen work
Jetson_oled.zip (6.3 MB)

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