Jetson Nano developer kit-B01 HDMI not displaying


I have the Jetson Nano developer kit-B01 with the two CSI camera slots but having issues with the display. It runs on a waveshare jet racer pro RC car. The first board did the same thing and I was advised to return and replace it which I did. The issue is two-fold, the power jack does not appear to do anything and when I boot I see the Nvidia logo then just a blank screen saying no connection?

Can anyone help as I need to jump on the desktop so I can finish my project! Many Thanks

Kind Regards



Always dump the serial console first so that you can know whether this issue is either “monitor not work” or “system cannot boot”. If you can still interact with serial console, then it means this issue is just “monitor not work”.

Showing NVIDIA logo but then no monitor is shown looks like a incompatible monitor issue to me. But still need your log to tell.

Yeah the console via putty works fine, the monitor also works fine as I have 2 plus a TV and it does not display through any, I have also tested different hdmi cables. It is as if there is not enough power on the board!! I have a Waveshare Jetracer Pro and have used the usb poser cable. The power jack has this changed and if so what does it need? The plug from the A01 board does not seem to work??

Cheers Graham


Sorry that maybe I didn’t make it clearly. I didn’t mean to ask “your monitors are in good status or not”. What I need to know is if Nano is able to display any of your monitors you have.

So I got the answer. None of the monitor can work now.

Please connect the monitor to nano and share me the kernel log. Thanks.