GeForce GTX 1660 Super not delivering expected DX12 SM6 support

Been having a nightmare setting up Unreal materials. So the card may support SM6.5 but having just updated the driver to: 512.59-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql (05-05-2022) DXDiag is still reporting Feature Level 12_1 as latest evolution, whereas SM6 equates to the “Feature level” defined by the capabilities of DirectX 12 hardware feature level 12_2.

your driver then is up to date, Windows Device Manager is reporting the Driver Version as - where is the descrepancy and how do I get to leverage SM6?

Hi there @post21!

I am sorry to hear our GPU causing you nightmares.

Could you please share where you saw information with regards to the feature level of the GTX1660 GPU? Because I am afraid that your dxdiag output is correct and the max feature level on this particular GPU is 12_1 only. The “full” feature Turing GPUs of RTX20xx series and of course RTX30xx series do support 12_2.

If this information is found on one of our Web pages I will make sure to get that amended and I apologize for the misinformation.