GeometryPrimView uses out-of-date UsdPhysics API name?

Isaac Sim version 2023.1.1, trying to use the torsional patch radii methods in GeometryPrim(View), getting this error:

AttributeError: module 'pxr.UsdPhysics' has no attribute 'PhysxCollisionAPI'. Did you mean: 'MeshCollisionAPI'?

Seems neither UsdPhysics.CollisionAPI nor UsdPhysics.MeshCollisionAPI have the torsional patch radius attribute in their schema, so is PhysxCollisionAPI just missing?

@kylehkhsu i am just another user, so take my input with a grain of salt - there was another thread recently in which one of the mods mentioned the PhysxSchema contains more comprehensive APIs compared to UsdPhysics, you could probably take a look:

i was able to locate the torsional patch radius attrib in the PhysxSchemaPhysxCollisionAPI:

The issue was a missing collision=True argument in GeometryPrim construction.

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