How to use Python API to create Damping in Rigidbody, Stiffness in Limit

I was trying to create a python code that creates assets and sets their physics properties.

I found there are Linear/Angular Damping, Max Linear/Angular Velocity in the Isaac sim GUI, but I was not able to find corresponding function that creates the attribute in UsdPhysics.RigidBodyAPI or UsdPhysics.LimitAPI

As you can see the attribute can be set by api are very few. I wonder there may be other way to set these values

I’d love to know how to also set these values through Python API.Thank you!

P.S: I have also noticed that setting max angluar velocity in rigid body property won’t limit the rigid angular velocity. I set max angluar velocity of all the rigidbody link segments of my rope prim to 100, but I see the reading of angular velocity still easily exceed 100.

yes, the UsdPhysics does contain only the very minimal subset of attributes that are very common. All the other parameters are right now extending the UsdPhysics schema through PhysxSchema additional APIs (you will see them in the property panel).
The documentation can be found here:
Mentioned here:

So what you need is to apply PhysxSchema.PhysxRigidBodyAPI for example and then you have access to all the parameters.


Thank you for your Prompt reply!

It worked!!

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