get_fuse_level bug

When use, if Jetson L4T on developer computer (X86_64, Ubuntu 18.04) is never connected to target Jetson nano dev kit before, the command (line # 1036)

get_fuse_level fuselevel hwchipid bootauth;

will be stuck there. no error message, no time out.

comment out the line will solve the problem.

the bug will affect as well.

Hi sunxishan,

What’s JetPack version are you using?
Please share your flash and create sdcard image command.

hello sunxishan,

we cannot reproduce host machine stuck issue locally, we’re testing with below two pipelines on JetPack-4.2.2.
sudo ./ --no-flash jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1 sudo ./ -o blob-1007.img -s 4096M -r 200

which JetPack release you’re working with,
may I also know what’s your testing commands,

the fuse setup may related to hardware so I list as much host info as I can:
host computer:
CPU Intel Core i7-4790
running Ubuntu X86_64 18.04 LTS with latest update
Dual hard drive:
/dev/sda 1.5T
/dev/sdb 150G
Linux OS loaded on /dev/sdb

install JetPack_4.2.2_Linux_GA_P3448
During installation, skip communication/firmware update with Jetson nano device (the host computer is in another room), installed all other packages.

then the command line trigger the problem:

sudo ./ -o sd-blob.img -s 4G -r 200

tracing down the script in to the stuck point is

bash ./flashcmd.txt

run the command alone with flashcmd.txt contents:

sudo ./ --no-flash --no-systemimg p3448-0000-sd mmcblk0p1

tracing down the issue to the stuck point in

get_fuse_level fuselevel hwchipid bootauth;

comment out the line, the issue is gone.

hello sunxishan,

could you please share what’s exactly those steps were done.
did you using SDKManager but skip all the installation process for just downloading the Jetson OS image?

  1. Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.0.0-29-generic x86_64) is fresh installed and updated
  2. download and open SDKManager on GUI desktop of ubuntu
  3. select target device Jetson Nano, check all items available to install
  4. SDKmanager download and install. when prompt to flash the target device, skip it
  5. the SDKmanager shows success installation info.

hello sunxishan,

thanks for confirmation, I’m using the same steps as yours but cannot reproduce the issue locally.
since that commands parse board info, please workaround it for your temporary solutions.

Thanks jerry.

If it is not common issue i think it may be related to special hardware. Not worth digging more since we have workaround.