Getting started with CUDA initial problems on suse

Hi there,

I’m trying to get CUDA working on Suse 10.0. Installation went okay but I was not able to run the examples from the SDK. Any pointers or advice would be really great.

In a little more detail, this is my setup:

Suse 10.0
8800 GTX

Every installation step went okay, compilation of the examples in all modes debug, emudebug, emurelease, release ditto, but for instance the output from matrixmul shows that some things are not entirely okay:

debug/matrixmul: “Cuda error in file ‘’ in line 96 : out of memory.”
emudebug/matrixmul: “Test PASSED”
emurelease/matrixmul: “Test PASSED”
release/matrixmul: “Test FAILED”

Any ideas?

1.0-9755 is not qualified for use with CUDA. Please use 1.0-9751.

Thanks very much! With 9751 everything works indeed.