GL_OVR_Multiview performance on RTX3000

I am trying to evaluate the ‘GL_OVR_Multiview
’ extension on a rtx3000

I wrote a small program that render points arranged in a cube to the left side and the right side of a window.

I do it by using two methods:
The first one - Rendering the cube to the left side and then rendering it to the right side (sequential).
The seconds method – Rendering the points only once while using the ‘GL_OVR_Multiview’ extension for sending the drawing to both sides of the window.

In both methods I measure the average rendering time over some frames.
(Just to clear things up, I render without waiting to the vertical sync, swap interval = 0(
To my surprise, I get a quite similar rendering time for both methods.
I would expect (according to NVIDIA papers on the subject) that the rendering time in the second method would be reduced by at least 30% comparing to the
rendering time of the first method.

Are my conclusions correct? Did I do something wrong in my program? Wrong board setup or missing setup?

Your help we be highly appreciated,

Yossi (6.9 KB) (1.7 KB)