Green characters as payloads in Composer 23.1.1

Hey, when I import Reallusion actorcore characters as payloads to my usd scene, many of them are randomly imported with a strong green light tint.

See this is my OK scene, no green light at all:

But still I as Import them to my master usd scene as payload:

Why is this so?
How can I fix this?


ALso its visible at Path Traced, so its not about render settings:

If I play the orginal scene with people ( exported from iClone8, using the new Live-Link ) then I get the green colored people also, when City Scene is imported as payloads.

The problem goes away when city is removed again from the scene and default lights is activated…

See here it is in detail:

I hope you can help me out quickly on this :)


This is very strange. It must be either lighting or materials, and I think you have ruled out lighting. So lets look at materials. Please either delete the materials to see if they still “glow green” or at least add the material override setting (white mode) to see if they still look green, and not white. Assuming this points to bad materials, then look at the materials applied and look for something that is off, like a “self-illumination” that is set and set to green. It could be a slight error with the new exporter.

Thank you team green!
With your help, @Richard3D I found the issue.

Yes it´s something coming with the “collect assets” from localhost to local drive. I just crack the Emission values down on actorcore characters and its FIXED.

Ok so good and bad news. Good that we have found it. I suspected as much. Bad news is that the exporter is applying an un-needed emission texture and value. That is something you may want to check at the other end in Real Illusion. Is it applying an emissive texture there ? If not, its an error with our exporter. I will inform. In the meantime, can you do the workaround of just deleting the emissive value and texture. Sorry about that.

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yes, at least it has something in the path… as you can see from the video.

But it the folder it looks like there is no any extra emission material.

It is just taking that “BaseColor” and making it emissive, which is mostly a lot of green I imagine. If you can confirm that, it would be great.

It looks like it links to that Character67_Glow.jpg

attached here

This is done by using iClone8 live link to transfer actorcore characters as USD straight to Omniverse Composer.

That is a usd scene at localhost, then form there I have used “collect assets” to local D: drive…

Character GLOW ? How crazy. Well there is your answer. Why we will have to investigate further.

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Again, another glitch :P

Character was exported from iClone through Live Link in a way it has no number on Material, and all textured messed up…

Fix was to just re-import manually a from IClone, using normal USD export option to local hard drive.

Thanks. I will follow up

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