Is there a way to fix the eyes for a CC4 character?

I noticed the videos I watched had sunglasses on a character, is this a known issue?

The character is also “shinier” than in CC4 or IClone, but more concerned with the eyes.

Did you check the shaders and textures

I don’t know how to do that in Omniverse. I was able to get this to work once after i posted, and I can’t figure out what was different.

I figured out the problem. If I take the same USD file, and drag and drop it onto a scene, the eyes are all black.

If I double click on the USD file, which closes the existing project, the eyes and hair look correct.

I guess I have to add my character project, and then drag in the scene USD.

Not sure if it will help you solve it, but I attached the USD file.

Kevin2.usd (8.8 MB)

Correction, I can also drag and drop onto a scene, as long as it is a blank scene.

Maybe something in the Scene I was dragging them into is the problem. Will post more once I know.

One more thing I noticed. If I export a character with Path Traced, the problem occurs when I switch to Real Time.

If I export as Real Time, the eyes work in both Path Traced, and Real Time.

This explains while earlier it worked, but not on the scene I imported them to. So note to self: Export from CC as real time.

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Yes real-time is so good now with latest versions!!

I try to soon see how replacing rt with pt workflow goes in Machinima…