Why are the models imported into CREATE from Character Creator or Iclone crooked?

Besides entering omniverse to rotate the model, is there any other adjustment method to import the model smoothly?

Hello @amatsu_wu! Have you tried clicking the reset button in the Transform section of the Property panel?

There is a demo video here: Character Creator — Omniverse Connect documentation
Watch Getting Started - Part 2 about 42 seconds in. Let me know if this helps!

Hi! Reason for this is here:

Something that might help you to find a solution is here, from Reallusion´s Joanne:

Please see this video

When i have a scene that is Y-up, I use Z-up empty scene as my working file, and then i drag this “Y-up” scene to Stage, you can see that this “Y-up” scene can be used correctly in Z-up working file.

Notice, this auto-convert ability can not work in dragging file to Layer, i am not sure this is Create’s bug or original feature design.

Hope this info is helps you,