Grid K2 linux kvm driver (proxmox 7.1, kernel 5.13)?

Hi guys,
I have a server running proxmox 7.1 (debian os, kernel 5.13). I applied for the trial vgpu license but I am not able to install a driver. The latest driver refers to 367.xx linux legacy driver which I downloaded but crashes upon installation when trying to compile the kernel module.
Any hints how to make that work?

The K2 GPU you have reached its EOL and driver support ceased in 2018, the 367 branch was the latest to support this GPU. I am not sure what is causing the crash you experiencing, however I would highly recommend you consider upgrading the GPU to a one which is still supported by our latest driver 470 branch. If then you still have any installation issues I will be able in a better position to help you.
Regards Simon

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Hello @sschaber

I just bought 2 pieces of K2 GRID, i’m facing this problem too in my lab, (PROXMOX 7.1, Debian)
I can’t find this driver version after a lot of research, can you help me to get this one?

367 version, GRID K2


The is no kvm host driver available. You could use the GPU in Passthrough and try to run the public NV driver for K2. Keep in mind that this GPU is EOL for years now and same applies to the guest driver.

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