GS7303ACTD-R (Single Synchronous Buck Converter)


The GS7303ACTD-R chip used in orin Dev. board has an L/T of 14 weeks and a MOQ of 5k. Even if I need only 10 chips, I have to buy 5,000 chips at a high price.
I ask NVIDIA for a recommendation on another chip to replace this chip.

I wouldn’t say I like the situation where I can’t develop anything for 14 weeks and buy 5,000 overpriced at a high price.

To prevent the same situation for development from happening to me, I respectfully request that NVIDIA change this chip widely used in the world market and release the modified circuit.

May I know where are you located?
I will forward this situation to internal team to see if can have some suggestions.

This long delivery (14 weeks) and MOQ of 5,000 chips cannot continue to be used in the future, so I’m redesigning this part with another part, and the design was started.
It is concerned that using specific designated parts without being worldwide like this will harm NVIDIA’s reliability.

This chip policy will incur damages from exclusive chip suppliers to NVIDIA’s customers, and designing circuits to supply these specific chips only to specific companies will ultimately harm NVIDIA.
I’m suggesting that these revisions be applied as soon as possible before giving the old-fashioned reply that other alternatives are not verified and do not recommend.

Hi, both the following can be the alternative, but we haven’t tuned them.

  1. EM5841DVT
    Pin8 is NC pin. Remove R1078.

  2. uP1728QDDA/uP1728SDDA
    Pin8 is mode pin. PU for CCM mode. Add R1077 with 10k and remove R1078.

Thank you very much Trumany,

I already changed as the following schematic with ROHM “BD9B301MUV-LBE2” chip

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