Help : Enable DLSS Working

I am using dlss in unreal engine 5.0.3.
In general, if you play in the selected viewport, it will not work even if you enable dlss. However, when I play (PIE) in a new window, dlss works normally. Does anyone know about this situation??

Hello @zcxcvasdf who’s username looks like when my cat walks across my keyboard :-) and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

What you are seeing is expected behaviour. At some point Unreal Engine adjusted how they handle “Screen Percentage” settings in the viewport. That means that it will not trigger any upscaling through DLSS or any other super-resolution algorithm. So if DLSS does not have anythign to do, it will seem as if it is not enabled. But checking the logs you will see that it is in fact working normally. And in PIE it will have the usual effect.

If you load the sample DLSS project and enable DLSS you will see it as well if you look very closely and toggle DLSS on/off. Because there will be a difference in the denoising results of specular and reflective surfaces even in the Editor viewport.

I hope this helps!