Unreal DLSS Plugin Forces Screen Percentage Size Even When Unlocked

I just installed the DLSS plugin for Unreal Engine 4.27. In the Project Settings I set
Enable Screenpercentage MAnipulation in DLSS Editor Viewports = ON

How ever any time I adjust the DLSS settings in a viewport the ScreenPercentage Size is automatically set down to 66%.

Is there any way I can stop if from setting the screen percentage size to 66%?

Thank so much for any time and help

Hi @lennygordon

the default Screen Percentage settings are somewhat dependent on the performance mode you have set for DLSS.
Maybe if you check the tips and tricks in one of our early DLSS Blogs you can find the best setting for you?


Thank you for the time.
I am actually trying to use this for film. So I am trying to start all the way up at 100-200% Screen percentage and then use DLSS to crank the quality up even further. I used to be able to do this in previous versions of the DLSS plugin.
It was not until the most recent version of the plugin that the setting
“Enable Screenpercentage MAnipulation in DLSS Editor Viewports” stopped working as intended.
Is there anywhere I can submit this for a bug?
All the settings listed in that early Blog are for games not ultra high quality rendering.
Thank you so much for any time and help

I’m very interested in this too. I’m want to use DLSS to improve AA at HD resolution. I was hoping to be able to increase the screen percentage in UE4 to 200% at HD resolution with DLSS, but the DLSS plugin seems to always set screen percentage to something lower than the screen resolution (66%???).
-Donald Newlands