DLSS overrides r.ScreenPercentage in UE 5.3.2 even when disabled

Nevermind, i totally skipped the deprecated comment above this

Hello, i will start saying that i already searched for this and stumbled upon this answer:
[DLSS overides r.screenpercentage even if it is disabled - #3 by MarkusHoHo] @MarkusHoHo

So turns out I was a bit behind in versions, the r.NGX.Enable is now read-only after initialization starting with UE 5.1.
But also starting with 5.1 DLSS does not use r.ScreenPercentage at all anymore to change scaling factor. And it definitely does not do it through “SetByConsole”.

So what I am told that a possible root causes to what you are seeing could be that you still have a pre-5.1, deprecated “Set DLSS Mode” BP node in your project. But still DLSS does not override the priority of anything, so the fact that you are seeing “SetByConsole” means that something outside of the DLSS code must have set it.

Since i’m having the same problem i decided to investigate and found this.
Inside DLSSLibrary.cpp of the UE 5.3 DLSS version 3.7 plugin

static IConsoleVariable* CVarScreenPercentage = IConsoleManager::Get().FindConsoleVariable(TEXT("r.ScreenPercentage"));
		if (MaybeQualityMode.IsSet() && DLSSUpscaler->IsQualityModeSupported(*MaybeQualityMode))
			// enable DLSS, and set screen percentage for backward compatibility with earlier plugin versions
			float OptimalScreenPercentage = 100.0f * DLSSUpscaler->GetOptimalResolutionFractionForQuality(*MaybeQualityMode);
			if (CVarScreenPercentage != nullptr)
				EConsoleVariableFlags Priority = static_cast<EConsoleVariableFlags>(CVarScreenPercentage->GetFlags() & ECVF_SetByMask);
				CVarScreenPercentage->Set(OptimalScreenPercentage, Priority);

As you can see, here DLSS uses screenpercentage to change the scaling factor. This essentially disables any fiddling with r.screenpercentage since the priority that gets used is ECVF_SetByConsole.

Any help in fixing this? I don’t know if hardcoding the priority to something lower (maybe ECVF_SetByCode) could break something