DLSS UE5.1 Cannot Change Mode


I am using DLSS in UE5.1. DLSS is showing enabled, and the graphics drivers are up to date. My application starts with DLSS on, and it defaults to “quality” mode.

I have tried to change modes to “performance” but the mode simply will not change. To get things working (and to make sure I’m doing them properly), I am using the UI in the sample project as an overlay. This widget is created and destroyed when I toggle it on and off. When in the UI, I can choose a different mode (i.e., performance) and the developer stats change appropriately. However, when I toggle the UI off and query the current mode, it says it’s still “quality”. Bringing the UI back up also shows that the mode is still “quality”, not “performance” as selected. In addition, when I choose “performance”, there is no change in FPS.

Are there other steps that need to be taken to change the mode? How can I ensure it actually changes?


Update: I found the Discord server and saw a post on there that the PIE always uses the system determined screen percentage, which would explain why it wasn’t changing when I was testing it in the PIE. I packaged the project and it seems to be working. But I wanted to share the update in case others were having this problem.

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Thank you @wdwright and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Yeah, we should pin a summary of this somewhere, since it was discussed a few times already. The best source still is the October 2022 Webinar on the topic: Level Up with NVIDIA

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