Issues with DLSS 3.5 for UE5.3

hello,During a test in UE, DLSS appears normal while the viewport is running, but it changes to this state when I return to the editor. Using “r.NGX.DLSS.Enable 0” restores normalcy, but DLSS functionality is lost. Is this a bug, or is there something else I need to modify? My GPU is a 4070ti with the latest drivers, and I’m using UE5.3 with DLSS plugin version UE_5.3_DLSS_3.5.10_Plugin_2023.10.17
In addition, the problem will disappear after restarting the project file, and then repeat

After a problem occurs in the editor, the lens movement will return to normal, and the lens will gradually change into a picture when it stops


can you be a bit more specific what you mean by

but it changes to this state when I return to the editor.

What state are you referring to, I don’t have a comparison to the picture here and that looks ok to me without further context.


Sorry, this is the comparison chart and dlss log I provided, I used DLAA, you can see that the more normal picture is the correct dlaa, eliminating all the Moire flicker, while the effect of the other one, looks very noisy, with flashing white spots everywhere

I think I understand the issue now, but it is still hard to analyse.

Is it possible that you have different view settings in the Editor or maybe some features like NRD or DLAA disabled?

A more complete log output might give some more clues.