Help needed to clone eMMC of Jetson TX2 developer kit and use clone img in VM


were are thinking to clone whole eMMC from Jetson TX2 developer kit and provide that cloned image to some our SW developers who are not needed to have physical access to devkit itself for their local testing purposes (and we don’t want to push every small change to our few devkits, where some other people might be working in sametime).

Actually we can clone whole eMMc content quite easily, but the problem what we are facing is how to setup virtualbox to boot-up with this image. Currently we can boot-up VM machines with livecd and browse image contents that way, but we are looking for solution to setup VM’s so that they could boot-up directly with self created image or guidance what to change if we first boot-up with livecd and there changing boot setup to support this image.

Normal Linux case this should be easy with boot-repair, but because Jetson TX2 is having it’s unique approach for booting I believe we are needing to have some nvidia guidance here.

Hi Postman76,

We don’t have experience on this, and can’t provide further suggestions.