Houdini omni_save Python error

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I’m getting this error …

(Traceback (most recent call last):
File “omni_save”, line 3, in
File “D:/Projects/Nvidia Omniverse/Library/houdini-connector-100.0.0/houdini/python3.7libs\homni\utils.py”, line 341, in save_helper
if hou.hipFile.isNewFile():
AttributeError: ‘hipFile’ object has no attribute ‘isNewFile’)

Windows 10 64bit. Houdini 19.0.383. Python 3.

Can you please write the steps you took to get that error? Any screenshots you can provide or the log files?

It happens when i click Save Hip. But the Copy Files works.

Thank you for the details. We found the cause, it’s a Houdini version compatibility issue with the hou.hipFile.isNewFile() function.

We use a function that was added in Houdini 19.0.398. Please upgrade to Houdini 19.0.398 or newer to avoid this error.

Thank you.

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