How do I start Nvidia NSight?

I have tried installing with both the .deb and the .run file.

I cannot find the file physically that would run this application. Nor can I find a .desktop shortcut. Searching in gnome for “Nsight” or “Nvidia” or “Graphics” reveals nothing.

I am using ubuntu.

How do I actually start it?


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Thank you for using Nsight Graphics. When you did the install using the .run file you should have had the option to install to a default path.

Something like:

Assuming this is the default path, then in the following directory there would be an executable called ‘ngfx-ui’ that you can run to start the Nsight Graphics GUI.

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Thanks dwoods

I’m not quite sure what I was doing that day. I managed to install it and yeah it’s there in my home directory.

It runs fine, except apparently I need a Turing GPU (or later) (Still running a 1070)

For beginners it is a bit tricky really. I was also lost to open the Nsight graphics It may help someone else in future, I downloaded .run and installed in the default location that is in the root directory. To open the SDK UI:

sudo su
cd /root/nvidia/NVIDIA-Nsight-Graphics-2022.4/host/linux-desktop-nomad-x64

Thanks for the feedback to help out beginners using Nsight Graphics on Linux platforms. Also, I would point to the Nsight Graphics User Guide here User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation which calls out that for Linux, the path to the executable is here <install_directory>/host/linux-desktop-nomad-x64/ngfx.bin.

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