How do we make a connected car using Jetson Nano?

Hi, I am going to use Jet Nano to platooing the rear car following the front We’re gonna make the car in front of us self-driving.

We are going to use two Jet Nano or one Lasbury pie.

I have a question. Can you advise me on the skills I need to communicate with them? For example, a technology like a socket.

Hi e1205703, if you have a wireless networking connection between the cars, yes indeed you could use sockets to communicate between them with TCP/IP or UDP. Here are some Linux tutorials for programming with sockets:

Hi! dusty_nv Thank you for your answer.
i have a some question.
We found information about autonoums-drive communication technology. I looked CAN Protocol technology and I found that Jetson Nano is supporting it.
What do you think about using the CAN protocol to communicate with a socket? and I’d like to ask you if our project plan is possible.

Jetson Nano does not have an integrated CAN controller, so you would need to attach an external CAN interface like the SPI-based MCP2515 or a USB2CAN device. For more info about that, see these topics:

You could use SocketCAN in a similar fashion to how you would use sockets over ethernet. Here are some guides to using SocketCAN:

Thank you for your valuable answer.

So, what do you think is better for our project, either CAN or TCP/IP?

And we have about three or four weeks.
Can we develop a plating that connects two cars in time?

Dusty, if you have time, can you recommend any sensors or cameras you need to develop?

Well, CAN bus is typically an in-vehicle wired network, although searching online it does appear there to be some wireless CAN interfaces. How were you planning on connecting the cars? Given your timeframe, maybe you will just want to try 2.4GHz WiFi initially (maybe with a range extender or larger antenna to extend the range).

You can check this section of the wiki for cameras that folks have used on Nano:
Probably the most common are the IMX219-based Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 (which driver support is built into JetPack for) or USB webcams.

Thank you for your answer! I thought CAN was wireless, too.

Our team’s main concern is how to connect the car.
We keep talking about wifi, beacon, gps, bluetooth, etc. to find the best way.

I’ll try to communicate with you through wifi, as you advised.
Thank you so much!!