JetsonNano Can-Bus, LDVS

I Need help!
I Use JetsonNano Board to connecting CAN_BUS and LVDS interface.
I read about JetsonNano is not supported CAN_BUS, But other Topic says can use CAN_BUS using CAN_HAT for rasberryPi.
I want a know is really operate?
and if use jetson Tx2, Xdivier, is there any other module i have to buy to connect CAN_BUS?

also i want a use LVDS interface because many Korean car company use LVDS Cam.
I success connect pi camera with jetsonNano and video streaming on web!

i’m not good English, but help me !!! , professional GUYS!!!

Moving this to the Jetson forums.

You can refer to below topic that people can get CAN bus working: CAN with Jetson Nano Production Module

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