How should my power circuit be if I want only power 5V 2A?

Hello, I’ve made some custom carrier board designs for the Jetson Nano but my circuits did not work. I’ve decided to make a new design that I want to directly power Jetson Nano with 5V 2A power supply but Design Guide and Schematics confused me because I won’t need a decision circuit for DC Jack or MicroUsb. I want to give directly 5v 2a. How should my circuit be? Has anyone ever done that?

You can refer to P3449 schematic in DLC for that. In page “DC Jack”, you can remove all of that and connect power supply to VDD_5V_IN directly.

Also you should check the OEM Product Design Guide and P3449 schematic for all other parts design, especially on power on/off logic part. That’s MUST for a custom design.

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