How to disable Spread Spectrum Clocking(SSC) on AGX and AGXi


We need to disable the SSC (for PEX_CLK5) for AGX Xavier and AGX Xavier Industrial.
How we can do that, on JetPack-5.0.2?

We could not found it for JetPack-5.0.
For previous releases, we found this page Disable Spread Spectrum (SSC) on Xavier
Is it as same as on JetPack-5 side?


It is for Jetpack 4 and shall work same for Jetpack 5. We will confirm this and update.

Thanks for your answer. Even in the post for JetPack-4 it is not clear for us how to apply this patch.
Should we convert BPMP…dtb file to dts and add the clock code block and recompile it?

So in summary, after confirmation if you can share the steps that we should apply, we would be very happy.

Hello @DaneLLL

Do you have any updates on this?

Kind Regards,

We are checking it with our teams. Once there is further information, we will update and let you know.

We have discussion about this and think disabling SCC violates FCC guidelines. For Jetpack 5, we would suggest not to manually disable it.

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