How to disable Spread Spectrum (SSC) on Xavier

I have read the information on the following URL, but I still don’t know which one is right, and I don’t know how to modify it.Could anyone tell me how to make such a modification and how the steps are, thank you!!

  1. Disable Spread Spectrum (SSC) on Xavier
    2.Disabling PCIe SSC on Xavier in runtime on Jetpack 4.4
  1. Go to your Linux_for_Tegra folder.

  2. Search the dtb tegra194-a02-bpmp-p2888-a04.dtb.

  3. Use dtc tool to convert this dtb back to dts

  4. Add the patch to the dts

  5. Use dtc tool to convert the dts back to dtb

  6. Flash the board and see if it can work.

The command for 3,5 can be found over the internet.