How to docker save 4gb container if i have only 1 gb left/How to docker save container directly on the external drive

Hello.I have only 1gb left on my device and i need to export my 4gb docker container.
(I am going to do that by the commands docker save and docker load).How can i do that ?

I tried to change the root directory (for the docker save command) by the command:

sudo dockerd -g /mnt/path/to/docker/dir , but for some reason i couldnt do that.Even with sudo permission was denied.


Please try the below workaround:


Unfortunatelly it didnt help.I still have the same (with a sudo dockerd -g /mnt/path/to/docker/dir command) permission problem:

Full log is here:
log11 (2).txt (43.7 KB)

How can i solve the “operaion not permitted” error ?

Besides this, this operaiton destroyed my docker structure, and now i cant use dockers anymore:

atlas@atlas-desktop:~$ sudo service docker run
Usage: service docker {start|stop|restart|status}
atlas@atlas-desktop:~$ sudo docker images -a
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at
atlas@atlas-desktop:~$ cd /home/atlas/jetson-inference
atlas@atlas-desktop:~/jetson-inference$ docker/ -c trtpose2 —volume /home/atlas/Desktop/Jupiter1:/home/atlas/jetson-inference
ARCH: aarch64
reading L4T version from /etc/nv_tegra_release
L4T BSP Version: L4T R32.7.4
localuser:root being added to access control list
DATA_VOLUME: —volume /home/atlas/jetson-inference/data:/jetson-inference/data —volume /home/atlas/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/data:/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/data —volume /home/atlas/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/models:/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/models —volume /home/atlas/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/data:/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/data —volume /home/atlas/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/models:/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/models —volume /home/atlas/jetson-inference/python/www/recognizer/data:/jetson-inference/python/www/recognizer/data
USER_VOLUME: —volume /home/atlas/Desktop/Jupiter1:/home/atlas/jetson-inference
DISPLAY_DEVICE: -e DISPLAY=:0 -v /tmp/.X11-unix/:/tmp/.X11-unix
docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?.
See ‘docker run —help’.

Is it possible to fix this without backup ?


Could you check the docker status after stopping the service?

$ service docker stop
$ sudo systemctl status docker.service


Hello.I used backup to fix broken docker structure and checked the docker status:

log1.txt (110.7 KB)


It looks like the docker is stopped successfully.
Then could you try to restart it again?

It’s expected to work.

sudo systemctl restart docker.service


Hello.Yes, it works. I used backup to fix broken docker structure.So, i dont have any problems (except the permission error) with the work of the docker.

log (4).txt (3.6 KB)

But i still need to docker save container directly on the external drive (because i dont have enough space to save it on my device).And, unfortunatelly, i still cant do this, because of, permission error:



Is it possible to re-pull the image on the external storage directly?
Does it work?


Hi.This method doesnt work, because of the permission error: eMMC storage is getting filled and not able to run other applications by using docker containers - #5 by AastaLLL

sudo dockerd -g /mnt/path/to/docker/dir doesnt work too, because of the same error.

Could you give me other method of the re-pull ?

Sollution can be found here : Can i delete . cache file on my jetson nano to increase available space? - #16 by andres.artavia


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