How to export mocap data animated armature from Omniverse Machinima to Blender?

I’m trying to export mocap data I generated from Machinima’s Pose Tracker to Blender and retarget to a rig to refine the animation (similar to what I would do to Mixamo mocap animations). I think right now the only tutorial video of this is JSFILMZ youtube… The file I got from following his tutorial is a USD and when I try importing to Blender or Maya nothing comes of it (no animated armature/rig). I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong…

Hello @renatomfarias00! Thank you for your question. I am asking the dev team for more help in answering your question! I’ll post back when I have more information.

Hello @renatomfarias00! The development team informed me that work on USD Skeletal import / export is underway, but not yet ready to release.

Hi Wendy,

Wondering if there if there is any new word on the release of this feature? Combed the posts and didn’t see anything but thought I’d ask to be sure. Thank you in advance.

halo, i follow this tutorial by markom 3d and able to extract the animation with the rig. The difference is that you need to include it first to the rig in machinima and export it to fbx
(this just a workaround and I found some problem with the frame range that get exported)

Hey, this is helpful. Though, in the video, the only steps taken are the import to blender and remapping. Anything on the export from Omniverse? Ty.