How to increase the stack size?

I have a problem for increase stack size of JNI native code.
Would you teach me about how to set stack size for JNI native code by property page of Visual Studio with Nsight Tegra?

Hi Sh_kb,

Do you mean the size of callstack window? If so, you can set it via Tegra>Options>Debug>Debugger>Backtrace Limit.


Hello victorli.
It is mean the stack memory area consumed by the argument processing and local variables created.
I know -Xss option but can not be introduced.
Thank you!
(Use google translate)

-Xss is used to change JVM stack size.


Hello Victor.

-Xss Option has heard that also acts as a base value of pthread system to be used in the JNI main function (android_main function) and its interior.
I’m thinking of an easy-to-use this option, but it is thankfully also in a way that does not use it. Please let me know.