How to initialize the Jetson

I downloaded the wrong cuda, so that some packages cannot be downloaded

so i want to initialize my hard drive

or install the os again

How can i do these?

Hi a03281220,

Please use SDKM to reflash your device and setup your host PC environment.
See the instruction:

Do you mean “2. Repair and Uninstall”?

Yes, please try it.

why it say that no sdks are installed?

I have connected my jetson and opened its power with refresh.

Do u know why?

Hi a03281220,

What SDK Manager version are you install on your host Ubuntu machine?
Please install the latest version, v1.2.0.6733.
And login with NVIDIA Developer user. please reference detail from here.

I installed the SDK Manager yesterday again, so I think the version is the latest version.
BTW, I want to initialize Jetson instead of Host computer.

Hi a03281220,

Yes, it’s initialize Jetson device.
Please install SDK Manager on your host Ubuntu machine. (support 16.04 & 18.04)
Connect flash cable from target (type-C) to host (type-A) and login SDKM to start flash image and install sdk components.

Yes, I did everything you said. And it show that it have detected.
But I cant flash after step03.
And I cant Ununstall either.
I think I should explain that I have installed my jetson and I can run it but I want to initialize it now.

Hi a03281220,

What is your host Ubuntu version? 16.04 or 18.04?


How can I do?

Hi a03281220,

Please attached sdkm.log from “~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.log”. Thanks!

Hi a03281220,

Please follow to start install. No need to “Repair and Install”.

But I cant flash after step03.

Sorry I don’t understand your question.
Please provide exact steps you tried, and attach sdkm.log from “~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.log”. Thanks!

Sorry my English it not good.
My question is how to initialize my Jetson AGX XAVIER.
I still can run my Jetson but I want to initialize it, and no need to backup.
I installed sdkmanager and executed it.
Then I connected the Jetson(type-C) to host(USB) and login SDKM, and it show that it have detected, so I go to STEP02 and click continue, but after STEP03 it allow me to click FINISH only, instead of let me to reflash the Jetson.
I don’t know if I express it clearly, please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi a03281220,

Thanks for your description for the issue. Can you please zip the ~/.nvsdkm directory on your host and attach it here for more investigation? (109.8 KB)