How to install JetPack 3.2 packages without flash TX2 again?

My JetPack 3.2 installation end up with no errors when I just inserted the target IP manually. So, TX2 is working fine but it doesn’t have CUDA, OPENCV and others packages installed. How can I install the packages without the need to flash TX2 again? I mean, just start JetPack and install the packages. I was thinking to do it manually but maybe there is an automated solution.

You can run JetPack at any time after a flash. Just uncheck the parts you don’t want…e.g., uncheck flash and uncheck host side installs and it can install only to Jetson…or you could uncheck flash and Jetson packages, and it would be able to install host side tools.

Other than during flash you’ll probably need to always enter the IP address manually.

Tip: If ssh prompts for a password on a console you’ll need that console open in JetPack. If ssh tries to do a GUI pop-up you’ll instead need to add package “ssh-askpass” to your host (e.g., “sudo apt-get install ssh-askpass”).

Thanks for the tips. Fixed!