How to move an arm robot on a cart


I just working on an arm robot that will move on a cart.
Using Franka and STR in the sample assets.
I understand how to move each of them, but I’m having trouble with how to move Franka on top of STR.
I tried 2 cases.
(Using “Simple Robot Navigation”)

  1. If Franka is placed directly under the STR, the arm will move, but Franka will not follow the movement of the STR.(It’s remain floating in its initial position.)
  2. If Franka in a STR chassis, Franka will follow the movement of the STR, but the arm not move.

Both of Details tab are the same.
Why is there such a difference in the behavior?
Is there a good way to run Franka on top of other robots?


Hi sannomi,

I believe the right wat to create fixed joint between the Franka and the STR.
Please try that if you still have issues. I will ask the dev to give you more detailed answer…