[Isaac Sim] Franka Robot Falls Down when using GPU Dynamics, and Strange Wrist Link Model

Hi, I found two problems when using ISAAC SIM related with FRANKA ROBOT.

  1. When I enable GPU Dynamics in physicsScene, the robot fall down to the ground as Vid.1 shows.
  2. The wrist of the FRANKA seems to be sifted as Fig.1 shows.


Screenshot from 2021-12-21 18-39-23

Will those be bugs? Any solution and recomendation?

Thank you very much!

@736978497 will file a bug for the GPU dynamic issue
for the wrist issue, is there an easy way to reproduce? can you provide the usd file for your simple scene?

Yes, for the wrist, I just load the Franka robot from default.

create → isaac-> robot → manipulator → franka

@736978497 can you verify that you have the latest isaac sim assets on localhost for the 2021.2.x release?
I was not able to reproduce the issue locally.

I checked, its 1.0
How do I update my assets?

even though, the franka wrist seems shifted slightly

I upgraded to 2.1 and upgraded assets, the falling down problem is fixed.
However, the Franka wrist still has displacement.
And I tried with its gripper to grasp a deformable object, there are also gaps between gripper fingers and object.

@736978497 I think the gap issue is related to the collision offset: