Integrate husky & franka robot error

hello. I want to integrate husky 4-differential robot and franka manipulator.

I tried merge two of them, but it have some problem.

When run the script below error is occured.

And i want when the sim is started, franka goes to initial position. The result of these process is successfully finished. but franka robot movement is effect to the husky robot.

How can i fix of this problem?

I did fixed joint between husky & franka, and tried exclude from articulation. after the chosen above option robot is goes to sky. I don’t know what is the problem these progress.

Just want to clarify a few things first:

  • the error emessages you are getting, is it before you press play or after?
  • are you able to move Franka after simulation starts or it doesn’t move at all and only goes to initial position?
  • Also, have you checked the mass ratio of arm and chassis? Is the chassis heavy enough to counter movements from the Franka?