How to open the cs1 of spi1 on the Jetson TX2 NX platform

Excuse me: How to open cs1 in spi1 on Jetson TX2 nx
Current work carried out:
The SPI feature was opened by running Jetson
The driver for Spiev has been loaded, and communication with Spi1 has been verified by shorting MISO and MOSI and running Spiev_test
Question: When running Jetson io. py and setting spi1, why does it not include pin26 (corresponding to cs1)
The picture is as follows:

Hi 478723668,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for TX2?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Jetson-IO is used to configure the pinmux register.
For CS pin, it is just the IO pin to decide which SPI device should be communicated with.
I think it would be fine w/o showing pin26 (SPI1_CS1) in Jetson-IO.

Is there any issue when you are using SPI1_CS1?

I am using Jetpack 4.6.4. For tx2 nx, jetson-io does not display pin26, but jetson-io corresponding to xaiver nx is displayed.
I checked the forum and found this: SPI1_CS1 Removed on Tx2?
Does SPI1_CS1 in tx2 nx also need to be bound to GPIO for use?

It seems an old post and the result is the same as I mentioned before that you can configure SPI1_CS1 as GPIO in pinmux and it should work.
CS is a IO pin controlled by SPI driver when it wants to communicate with specific device.

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