How to Recover Code from TK1

Is there a way i can extract my code from the damaged board’s internal storage? It was the result of over 6 months of efforts and we have no backup.

My board TK1 is unable to boot. My question original here.
[url]Jetson TK1 not booting - Jetson TK1 - NVIDIA Developer Forums

hello AtifAli,

one quick question, can you enter forced-recovery mode and let the device being detected?

I see in the other thread you are trying to detect from Windows. While this might work, it might not since Windows does not know anything about finding a driver for this device (depending on settings Windows might ignore this). Under Linux does the TK1 show up with “lsusb -d 0955:7721” while attempting recovery mode?

I can’t enter force recovery mode. It is also not showing on my Linux machine.

Short of removing the memory chips and placing them on another board there isn’t much I can think of in that case (and this too would be very risky).