Recovery mode can not stay for long

I broke the USB connection between the TK1 and PC accidentally when flahing the borad yesterday.
I tried several times to reflash the board but always fail.
“USB device not found
Failed flasing ardbeg”
Set the borad to recovery mode,Exec the ‘lsusb’ command ,can find the ‘0955:7140 NVidia Corp’
After 1 or 2 second ,execute the ‘lsusb’ again,the nivia crop can not been found in the result;
I think it may be the recover mode can not stay for long.
Have anyone met this problem before?
Thank you for your help~

Are you saying there is physical damage to the connector? Or just software is losing knowledge of the recovery mode device?

If you are using a VM, consider that VMs are not supported because of losing knowledge of USB devices. USB in recovery mode flash will go through a series of disconnect and reconnect events, and is normal. A regular PC still owns that USB port after such an event, but often a VM will lose ownership of that device to the hosting o/s. So it is critical to know if there is physical damage versus whether this is a software issue.

Sorry, I didn’t describe it clearly.I pulled the USB plug out of the computer when doing the flash;During the programming process, the console of the problem board also has no output.I am using a normal UBUNTU system, not VM.After that, I also burned other TK1 boards, which are normal.
Ask about this situation, where may be the problem?
Thank you for your reply, hope to get your follow-up help.

Is this a development kit TK1?

If the micro-B USB cable is connected between TK1 and host, and the TK1 is off, I would explect “lsusb -d 0955:7140” to have no output. If you then hold the recovery button down and tap the power on button, then I would expect that same command to show something. In a similar way, if you monitor “dmesg --follow” as that TK1 is put into recovery mode, then there should be a message about a new USB device. This is what determines recovery mode. Is this the case for you?

FYI, anything which turns on or resets power while the recovery button is down will produce recovery mode. There is no requirement for holding the recovery button for long periods of time, it is similar to the shift key for getting capital letters. If you are sure you’ve done this correctly, and if the provided micro-B USB cable to host PC does not indicate recovery mode with lsusb, then you might have hardware failure.

If you do get recovery mode, and flash is just not what you expected, then this is more likely a software setup issue. I’m guessing that because you’ve flashed other TK1s this might be an actual issue, but a flash log would be useful if and only if lsusb shows content. So the next step revolves around the question of whether lsusb shows up, and if the cable used is the one provided with the Jetson. If there is a hardware error, then perhaps a different host PC port (both with and without a HUB for testing purposes) could be tested.