TK1 not showing up as USB device in recovery mode

I am attempting to flash my jetson tk1 using the jetpack 3.0. When I put the jetson into recovery mode and then use the lusb command I see nothing.I have used the lusb -d and did not get anything back. I am using the supplied micro usb Chord. I have tried 3 different machines and a variety of ports. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 native but I have also tried on a VM. I have tried every configuration of putting my jetson into recovery mode. I can see that the jetson power led blinks off and back on. When I plug HDMI into the jetson there is no display. I do not have access to a serial display to read those logs. I have run through every other thread on this issue and have gotten no where.

Basically the rule is that the recovery button needs to be held down while power is cycled or initiated (power turned on or reset key tapped…recovery button held down solid during the event). If lsusb fails to show the device after that hardware is a likely issue, though it could be in cables, HUBs, or the Jetson itself (I’m assuming the relevant ports tested on the PC have worked with other USB2 devices).

This is probably something to RMA. See the top part of this:

Ok I will try that. Also does it mean anything that power button on my jetson seems to have no function and that the power is entirely based on the whether or not it is plugged in?

A Jetson may require tapping the “power” button to power up…plugging it in can be insufficient, it is an unreliable way to power up.

Typically one would enter recovery mode with the Jetson turned off, but plugged in…then hold recovery button down and tap power on. If power is already on (perhaps you are already in recovery mode and want to freshly re-enter recovery for a clean start), then hold down recovery and tap reset.