TX1 install Ubuntu1.04

I cannnot get my TX1 into the Force USB Recovery mode ,I follow the guide ,but nothing help ,can anyone have meet this problem and giv me some help?


Could you share the result of “lsusb” after you try to get TX1 into recovery mode?

Is your host a VM?

Also, are you using the micro-B USB cable which came with the dev kit?

I’m not using a virtual machine, and I using micro-B USB cable which came with the dev kit, and follow the tutorials, but i cannot get the nvidia corp when i use lsusb

VMs usually fail and are not supported (dual boot is preferable). Sometimes people do get them to work. If you must use a VM you might be interested in this:

You absolutely must be sure the recovery mode Jetson is always passed through to the VM. USB will re-enumerate at times, and so it basically disconnects and reconnects. Be sure the VM always owns the device.