How to Resize Objects (Assets) in Issac Gym?

Is it possible to resize an asset after loading it from a URDF file? I haven’t been able to find any API for this matter.

I have also tried to modify my URDF file to make my asset bigger by setting a scaling factor for the meshes. For example, <mesh filename="package://daVinci_description/meshes/yaw_link.obj" scale="10 10 10"/>. Even though this trick works for other simulation software such as Gazebo, Issac Gym apparently ignores the scaling factor.

Could you please advise me a good way to resize objects in Issac Gym?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @yuan.truyenbao,

Support for the URDF scaling should be supported in our upcoming release. We’re going to see whether runtime scaling might also be possible.

Take care,