How to simulate the spring in Isaac Sim?

How to simulate the spring in Isaac Sim?Not only to simulate the physical feedback of the spring, but also to simulate the deformation animation of the spring at the same time.
I know that I can use prismatic joint to simulate the compression and rebound of the spring after force and it works well. And how can I simulate the animation and the physics of the spring at the same time? I tried the deformable body but it failed.

Deformable body is probably not going to give great results.
Cheap trick would be to change the scale in the vertical axis for the spring, or do you really want to simulate the spring? I mean the best way to simulate the spring is indeed use the prismatic joint and then the actual visualization solve in a different manner. Like scale yes… one could attach the deformable body, but it would have to be very stiff to achieve this.

For ropes like simulation we do recommend to actually use capsules connected with a spherical joint, but that would require a change of the model.