How to speed up exporting weights in a2f data conversion?

I try to export usd by export weights, the audio is about 15 seconds, the fps is 30, other settings are default. But the export process takes 30-40s, which is too slow. Is there any method or setting that can speed up this process?
CPU is i7 12700, graphics card is RTX 3060 and memory size is 32GB.

@304365239 i am just abother user, but 30-40s isn’t terrible. what’s your expectation? maybe provide some hardware spec could provide the devs with more context as to what you are working with.

Thanks for your reply. I hope it can be done within 10 seconds. CPU is i7 12700, graphics card is RTX 3060, memory size is 32GB.

Has anyone encountered similar issues regarding time efficiency? I don’t know how to make this process as fast as possible.

By export weights do you mean export the animation?

For me it is near realtime with an RTX 4090 so maybe thats the limiting factor.

I mean export blendshape weights to one of usd, usda or json files. Thanks for your reply.