How to use Jetson TX2 Series Pinmux ?

  1. when I click button of Generate DT file ,there is no file to generate.why?
    the file name is nv_Jetson-TX2-Series-Pinmux-Template.xlsm

hello lnu_liuyang,

may I know what’s the environment you’re used to generate DT files, is it windows operation system?

I download in Ubuntu 16.04.1 , then I click the button Generate DT file still no file to generate

I download the file from the Internet,and have no changes then click the button of Generate DT file.There is no file to generate.

hello lnu_liuyang,

that Generate DT files operation only available on Microsoft Windows OS,
you might also refer to Jetson Nano Developer Kit 40-Pin Expansion Header Configuration for reference,

Thank you very very much!
On Win10 ,when I click the button of Generate DT File ,the system shows error. The error is that the macro is disabled.When I clear the error ,the dts files are generated. So the problem is solved.Pretty so much!