How to use teamview on Xavier?

I have installed teanviewer-host_14.7.1965_armhf.deb
but when i run ‘teamviewer’ on terminal
it occurs
"Init …
Error: CheckCPU: unknown architecture ‘aarch64’
please tell me how to resolve this problem

aarch64 (64 bit arm) is not directly supported and it’s a closed source product so you can’t build it yourself. You can try another remote desktop solution or this to attempt to get the 32 bit version to work.

what you can do is to set up teamviewer at Host PC [ x86_64 ] then you could deliver Teamviewer to Xavier as a published application to benefit from running the app from Xavier Desktop but with use of the Host PC.
I believe I used it that way a while ago.

Thanks a lot,
i finally use VNCService instead of teamviewer.