I cannot tell the difference between Type B (US, CA, JP) Power Cable and Type B (TW) Power Cable. Can anyone help?

Hi there,
I am in the US and bought an Orin dev kit from Amazon.
There are three power cables and two of them are Type B power cables:

Type B (US, CA, JP) Power Cable
Type I (CN) Power Cable
Type B (TW) Power Cable

I cannot tell which Type B (US, CA, JP) Power Cable is. Can anyone help?

I saw this relevant topic, but it did not answer my questions.

The two Type B looks like this in the picture. One of them comes with a label on the cord. Is that the US standard Type B cable?
I ask because I started with the other one (probably the TW standard cable). And when I run a program using the 50W mode, it shows “System Trottled due to over current”.

It is not caused by power supply. It is a system setting to throttle performance for safety as the current is too huge.

I want to add that depending on load and CPU frequency the amount of power consumed (and heat generated) will change. There are different power models one can use to set the range of power use, ranging from lower power for perhaps something on batteries and not requiring max performance, all the way up to the max power case (all cores running and locked to maximum frequency clocks). The DVFS (digital voltage and frequency) tables will alter clocks and active cores to remain in the given range. The max power case will surprisingly still throttle at times…this is because if the temperature goes up it must still drop the frequency to prevent heat damage if too much heat is being generated. This is not overcurrent in the sense of hardware being broken; this is instead a log message you would get when frequencies are being throttled back for temperature control. People see this all the time and it isn’t a bug, and it isn’t an issue, it is just a safety mechanism in normal operation.

Hi linuxdev and Trumany,
Thanks for the response!
The problem is that we need to use the correct power cable for the devices to ensure they work stable, considering it is 2k for each.

Also, to add more background about the warning “System Trottled due to over current,” I assume that it is expected to happen if I use the 50W power mode and run a heavy ML application. However, it still happens even when I switch to the 30W mode for Orin. That is why I went back to look carefully at the power cables and could not tell the difference between Type B (US, CA, JP) Power Cable and Type B (TW) Power Cable.

Even though it is irrelevant, we still want to figure out the correct power cable we should use in the US.

Adding more observation for the warning, the whole board froze when it appeared, and I had to remove the power to reboot it.
It differs from what I have seen on other boards, including Nano, TX2, NX, and Xavier. Orin is the only one with three power cables, and two of them look the same.
It would be better to label them for customers clearly.

I don’t get your point. The real power consumption depends on your use case. If it can cause warning in 50W mode (assume you are saying the nvpmodel), then the warning in 30W mode is expected with same use case.

My point is that despite what the observation is, using the wrong power cable might put this device in danger.
Let’s forget the over-current warning. Which power cable is the correct one we should use?

You said one of the two Type B power cables has a label. Likely the NVIDIA Part Number is listed there.

NVPN for the TW version is 030-1458-000. Alternatively, you might be able to spot a BSMI mark on the TW version.