I got a error while i compiled pgi

Hi I sloved the problem i think.

but I got another error.

After I put my ID and Password, I got the error as following.

ERROR: Curl failed with error = 0

How can I solve this problem?

Hi Peter3,

Curl is the underlying utility the license tool uses to connect with the PGI web site in order to generate a license key. For some unknown reason, it’s failing on your system. The work around is to log on to your PGI user account (https://www.pgroup.com/account/index.php) and generate your license (either trial or permanent) online.

We would be interested as to why Curl was failing on your system. Though, to reproduce the error we would need to know what OS your using as well as the exact steps you did. Since this would involve personal information, please send a report, with as much detail as possible to PGI Customer Support (trs@pgroup.com).