I have several question about model tesla K80

I bought two tesla k80 for calculating. (CST microwave studio)
and I’m sorry but I don’t know how to use it…
so when i plug in tesla K80 on the motherboard, my computer was not working.
I mean my pc won’t boot in windows 7 or 10.

After that I heard tesla can not use on windows … (only for linux)
is it true? or is there have any method for running?

(I unpluged powercode after shutdown)


A Tesla K80 is not designed for, and is completely unsuitable for Tower type chassis (such as those in your photo). If you run it like that, you’ll over heat it and damage it. K80s are only to be used in “rack mount” chassis, because of air flow and cooling capabilities.

The K80 can be used with Windows (you can download the driver here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us ) but it is not a Graphics GPU, meaning you’ll need a second GPU to provide visuals. For installations like this, you’d typically run a Multi-GPU setup (previously called “NVIDIA Maximus”). I’ve run a K80 and M6000 in a Multi-GPU configuration before, this worked quite well for a Seismic Interpretation project I was involved in delivering, but it was a few years ago now. However, since the GPU architecture and capability have massively advanced over the past few years, configurations like this are not really required as log as you’re running a modern GPU, so it’s not really the done thing today. That said, if you are commited to using a K80, then I would suggest you find a much more suitable way of cooling it, then additionally purchase something like an M6000 to complete your project.

Best of luck