I need to do ’peg-in-hole task' in the Isaac Gym!

I want to do ’peg-in-hole task’ in Isaac Gym.
But, I don’t know how to modify ’ franka.py’ example to ’peg-in-hole task’.(Is it possible in the first place?)

Someone, please create an example that can execute peg-in-hole task with Franka arms.
Because I need to show it to my boss!(・_・;)

I want to use Franka arms to insert a square block into a square hole.No camera needed.

Franka hand is a state in which a square block is always clamped in a fixed position and posture.
But It’s okay if the a square block moves in the hand when it collides.

Thank you so much for your support!

OS: Ubuntu20.04
GPU: RTX A6000
Driver Version: 460.67
CUDA Version: 11.2

Hi @sate_sare,

Unfortunately, the link you shared showed 404.

Did you have issues with the environment creation or training itself? If with environment creation I can recommend you to wait for a new Isaac Gym release that will happen by the end of this week. It’ll have a built-in convex decomposition tool, as well as a number of other improvements, that should simplify loading of not convex meshes required for this task.