I want to run driveNet with usb-cam

How to run driveNet with usb-cam?

Dear js67itoa2,
For this use case, You need to combine DriveNet sample and usb camera samples. In Drivenet samples it takes input from GSML camera. Some of the changes I can think of are, You need to set camera.usb as protocol and inside OnProcess() you need to readFrame using dwSensorCamera_readFrame(), get CUDA Image and pass it to ImageStreamer in getNextFrame(). Let us know how it goes

How to convert image format??


Becuz driveNet input format is “DW_IMAGE_FORMAT_RGB_FLOAT16_PLANAR”

Dear js87itoa2,
Do you have any progress here?

Hello @js87itoa2 ,

Did you get a solution to transform from UINT8_PLANAR to FLOAT16_PLANAR?

Thanks in advance!