I2C Bus / USB Ports not working on AGX Xavier

Hi there, I believe I have an issue with my I2C bus with my AGX Xavier, and I’m not too sure what the fix would be.

All the USB Ports have somehow stopped working. This includes the two USB C ports, the micro usb port and the USB A port. However, the ethernet and the HDMI still works. When connected to a monitor, the login page still appears and I can ssh in through ethernet.

However, when starting it up via HDMI, the following errors appear before the login page

and when I do a “sudo i2cdetect -y -r 8”, I get this weird output as well

This leads me to suspect with high certainty that I have completely messed up the I2C bus. Any recommended paths to take from here to get everything back up and running again?


Could you reflash your board and dump the log from uart?

i2c@c2400000 is the i2c controller which connects to the type C usb PD controller. If this i2c says something have error, then it is expected type C usb would not work.

However, flashing the board is a pure hardware event. It does not involve software to control. If you cannot flash your board anymore, then it sounds a hardware problem.

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